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Rising popularity of electric scooter tours

Posted on April 6, 2016 in Traveling

electric scooter toursIn modern times, you might have heard that electric scooters are gaining quite a fair share of their fan following. In other words, they are actually gaining quite a bit of love and appreciation from both parents and kids. This is because it is quite apparent to see the number of benefits they are providing to the users.

Thanks to the electric scooters being operated on electric power, it means that the children would not have to exert a sufficient amount of effort in order to get it running. Just by pushing the switch or power button, it would start in a matter of seconds.

In addition, it has also been known to last longer than the traditional push scooters. This has been found to be quite convenient for the parents who are planning long tours or walks in the neighborhood. They no longer have to worry about carrying their children with them with the help of other means. With the electric scooter lasting a long time, it has actually become quite convenient to plan all these trips without worrying about any kind of hassle or obstacles.

In addition to these two major benefits, there are many other advantages that the users will be able to derive from using these electric scooters. You will be able to find out more about it by checking out these scooter reviews.

  • Eco-friendliness

With global warming being such a major topic in today’s times, there is absolutely no doubt that everybody is trying to take certain measures in making their contribution to the environment. The parents are also trying to do the same by teaching their kids about the importance of protecting the environment. One very effective way has been found to be the use of electric scooters. Since they seem to run on electric power, they are not letting out any kind of excess pollutants out in to the environment. In this way, both children and parents are making their contributions towards the saving of our beloved planet.

  • An effective alternative mode of transportation

Due to electric scooters running solely on electric power, they have been found to be quite an effective means of alternative transportation. This has been found to be particularly true in the case of traditional push motors which basically seem to run on fuel. In this way, you would not have to worry about extra fuel costs or the scooter breaking down anytime soon.

  • Easy to ride

Thanks to the smart and seamless design, riding a scooter has never been easier. The handlebars have also been designed in such a way which ensures a tighter grip. This can prevent your kid from falling off the scooter and getting hurt really bad. In this way, the kids will be able to experience the thrill of riding scooters without having to worry about the safety hazards.

  • Easy parking, compact design, and portability

Lastly, electric scooters are quite easy to park as well. This is thanks to the compact design which ensures that the electric scooter can be parked in very small and cramped spaces as well. In addition, due to it being portable, it means that parents can easily fold it up when it is no longer needed.


What a Balance Bike is and why Your Child Is Going to Love It

Posted on August 25, 2015 in Kids

Kids' balance bikes

So you want your kid to learn how to ride a bicycle. Teaching kids how to ride a bike can be a bit tricky but luckily there are options out there that should help your child pick up biking easily. One of the best options you should take is to have your kids ride a balance bike.

What does a Balance Bike look like?

Balance bikes for kids are similar in appearance to regular bikes. What distinguishes them is that they do not have bike pedals nor drivetrains. They are also very small because they were designed so that your toddler can be seated upright while riding the bike, their feet touching the floor.

What does a Balance Bike do?

A balance bike can greatly help your kid learn proper posture and balance while riding a bike. They learn balance because they are almost standing upright while riding the bicycle. Kids then use their feet to push the bike forward, effectively simulating walking. Should kids ever encounter any loss in balance they can always put their feet down to brake and then regain posture.

boy on Strider Prebike

Why not just use training wheels?

Using balance bikes s instead of using training wheels helps children learn balance first. Children that are used to riding bikes with training wheels will most definitely lose their balance when the training wheels come off. If this happens they will have to relearn proper balance. Kids that trained using balance bikes can skip the training wheels and head straight towards using real bikes.

On another note, using balance bikes for kids also helps them learn how to steer better than bikes with training wheels. It can be really hard to make turns especially sharp ones on bikes with training wheels. On the other hand, since there are no awkwardly-positioned back wheels on balance bikes, children can comfortably steer the handlebars.

Would children enjoy using a balance bike?

Children would most definitely enjoy using a balance bike. You probably would, too. Using a tricycle can be horribly slow. You would also have to push your toddler around. Using bikes with training wheels can be a pain for toddlers as they would have to push their own weight, plus, initially, the bikes’. Not to mention you would have to lug around the bike’s or tricycle’s bulky side wheels. Balance bikes are so light and easy to carry around that even kids can lift them. They require no initial push and merely simulate walking or running for toddlers. Plus, once your kids get the hang of it you can leave them to bike off, instilling in them a sense of independence and adventure.

What should I look for in a balance bike?

Look for balance bikes that are sturdily built using quality materials. They can be built from wood, metal, or plastic. A bike that looks and feels like it could take a beating is important, as kids will be abusing it on the playground. Also, look for balance bikes with adjustable seats so that as your kid grows the bike will be able to keep up.


Why Is Biking Good For Children

Posted on December 3, 2013 in Traveling

When parents have kids it is a tendency to think that it is the end of their enjoyable days and they have tons of responsibilities over their children. Many also think that it is too expensive to take their whole family with children to a long vacation but you can manage budget by following these tips. Others might think it is too difficult to handle children on a trip. Many of these are true facts, however, it is important that you and your children enjoy a change during your vacation time and away from the monotonous lifestyle.

kids bike

Positive aspect

To think on a positive perspective, taking your children for a trip will not only recharge them, but will also trigger your own adventure instincts. On the other hand, kids will enjoy their holidays and be very happy, what more do you expect your kids in this age? All you do is for their happiness isn’t it?

There are many reasons why travel is good for children. Whether you are going to a local zoo or a long trip, travel is still good.

  1. Family outing is good

    It is a great opportunity for children to travel with family, in this way you will have a greater family bonding.

  2. Great source of learning

    If your kids travel to different places, they will start learning new things, name it history, culture, speaking, and many more. If you travel to foreign countries, then children might pick up foreign languages as well, and believe me, this indeed is a great skill. Whatever they read in the book, they really see it and get a practical experience.

  3. Develop soft skills

    When children travel to different places, they tend to develop their communication skills when they meet different people on their trip. Also they improve communicating with other people whether it is with a shop keeper or co-travelers. Children can learn communicating with people of all ages and people speaking in foreign languages.

  4. Adapt to new environment quickly

    When kids travel with school friends, they tend to mix up more with strangers and try to adapt to whatever environment they come across during their trip. This will help them adjust to any new situations they come across later when they grow up. They can easily widen their horizons and change their perspective of seeing the world.

  5. Easy way to exercise

    Hiking is a great way of getting good exercise to you and your children. Take them to regular hike, enjoying nature at the same time keeping their fitness will help them and you in maintaining good health.

  6. Team building

    Summer camps are a great way of teaching your children how to learn to handle situations themselves independently. Besides they will learn communicating, mixing with other children they don’t know and learn to live in a new environment.

  7. Make them your friends

    Besides all this, at some point you need to stop controlling your children and treat them as your best friends. This will help them bring closer to you and share their little secrets which you don’t really have to spy to know.


How Biking makes you Wiser

Posted on February 26, 2014 in Traveling

Most of us at one point or another have dreamed of travelling to faraway places on the other side of the world.  I myself always wanted to visit Africa since I was a small child who fell in love with “Elsa” the lion from born free.  We all have different reasons why we are drawn to foreign destinations; we all have that urge to experience new things stimulating our senses as we do so.  One of the greatest ways to learn about something or somewhere is to experience it firsthand.  When we travel to new places it is opening our minds up enhancing our creativity opening new doors to new places where we have physically or mentally never been.  This is what I would call a natural high you get an immediate rush right from the beginning of your travels.  Having a chance to visit other countries and learn how their different cultures approach different things in life gives us a much wider perspective on the world in general.


Travel Opens the Mind Up:

People who travel and interact with many different people from different cultures tend to have a much more open minded approach to things.  Unfortunately not all of us can afford to do the wonderful world trips and travel to the ends of the earth. That doesn’t mean that we have to be excluded from experiencing a new environment.  We can stay within our own country and travel somewhere within its boundaries that we have never visited.

Even within a country you will find different living practices from province to province I use this as an example as I am Canadian.  I myself have only visited 3 other provinces outside of my own (Ontario) those being Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.  I myself have noticed differences for example comparing Quebec to Ontario. When visiting Quebec it was like visiting another country as many people speak in French there as their first language where as in Ontario English is the prime language. 

But I loved visiting there it was a wonderful and new experience for on many different levels such as spiritually and filling my mind with wonderful memories of beautiful locations within its borders.  Even though I speak little to no French I found the people there more than willing to change to English so that we could communicate.  They made me feel very welcome and opened their doors in a welcoming way.  For those who are afraid to travel beyond their own door step I can’t put into words how much wonder you are missing out on by not getting out and seeing the world around you in a hands on fashion.  For me travel is one of the best ways to lift your spirits especially if you are feeling depressed.   Nothing helps get your mind of the bad more than a trip even if it is only a day trip.

It will not get rid of your problems they will be there until you decide to try and solve them.  But it will certainly give you some much needed down time.  So what are you waiting for get your suitcase out and give it a dust off and start to plan your next travels and go abroad. Near or far they will do you a world of good.