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How to Travel With Children on Long Trips

Posted on December 3, 2013 in Traveling

How to Travel With Children on Long TripsPlanning a long trip with your children is not an easy job. It depends on various factors like your kid’s age, season you are traveling, means of transportation, travel location, your budget planning and many others to conclude if it is easy or manageable to travel with your children on long trips. The longer the trip, it becomes more challenging to handle your little ones.


Travel by car

  1. Car travel for a long trip can be advantageous at times. You can take ample number of breaks wherever you need and you will be the controlling authority where you need to make stops.
  2. If you have long time to spend then you can surely go for car trip.
  3. You can make yourself feel comfortable like home by carrying toys, CD, movies, books, games and anything else your kid might love it on the journey and also which might relieve your pressure of handling your kid on long trips.
  4. If you travel during night then it is much more advantageous as your child might be fast asleep while you drive.
  5. Food and drinks are a child’s best friends at times. Try packing extra snacks on the long road trips.
  6. Above all this, if your children is awake, then keep them engaged by talking to them, telling stories, songs, playing games with them etc.

Train travel

If it is a train travel, then certainly you can engage them more as compared to you driving and your children sitting at the back. Train travel is more enjoyable to children. However, you may not be able to get down of train, take breaks when you need and let your kids stretch for a while.

Air travel

Taking children for a long tour on air is much more cumbersome as compared to road or rail trip.

  1. You may have to carry minimum things to engage your children on flight. They may not be able to use electronic items for long time. Hence you can carry books, board games, card games, coloring books, toys, sticker books, etc.
  2. Especially in USA if you have to make a domestic travel between states, then there may not always be a direct flight. So, you may have to change flights and hence, there might be a long wait for the next flight in the airport. You may still have many options there in case you want to keep your children engaged.
  3. They can freely move around in the airport during the flight wait.
  4. Buy snacks to your children so that they won’t feel hungry during the travel.
  5. International flights are even longer than expected at times as you may have to change flights more than once. Every time you change the flight, it is like you are catching the flight with all your children from the beginning where you started. Believe me, gathering children when you are ready to start is very challenging.
  6. If you have multiple children, do not forget to count and make sure all your children are with you.

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